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Plan and deploy AI powered virtual assistants to integrate seamlessly with your contact center. Drive meaningful and powerful interactions that drive lower acquisition costs and sales.

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About Us

Chatmantics is a conversational automation platform that allows you to plan, deploy and integrate virtual assistants powered by AI and Natural Language Processing with your contact center.

Chatmantics Assistants are proven to help most companies drive efficient interactions that yield higher conversions and lower acquisition cost over Voice, SMS, Facebook and other social channels.

Most deployments take less than 24 hours and seamlessly integrate with most CRM, marketing automation platforms, email service providers, customer data platforms and internal systems.


How it works

  • Plan and Configure

    Choose objectives for your assistant, configure it with dozens of skills and abilities related to your use case

  • Deploy

    Launch your assistant on one or several channels from SMS, Voice, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter and more

  • Analyze & Optimize

    Utilize and experience transparent insights about how your assistant performs. Make quick optimizations based on recommendations driven by Machine Learning

  • Refine

    Your assistant is always improving every day using advanced machine learning models on the cloud to improve its ability handle many types of conversations

Bring customer
relationships full circle
with CRM

With out-of-the-box integrations with dozens of CRM platforms and the ability to integrate custom CRM platforms via webhook, you can drive more effective interactions with customers and prospects.


Transparent and
powerful analytics

Clearly analyze your virtual assistants performance with analytics that reveal all aspects of the customer interaction – from topline metrics to deep analysis, such as conversation flow and message efficiency.

Understand how conversations flow through your assistant

Chatmantics is a fully transparent platform. Every virtual assistant has full session analytics to allow contact centers to understand what type, and where optimizations are needed.


Measure how efficient your assistant is with handling requests and messages

See how well your assistant processes incoming requests from users. Keep your assistant well trained and poorly handled responses low.

Scalable across channels beyond just voice

The contact center does not have to be a mysterious entity. Make your virtual assistant accessible to users on channels they are most comfortable with, including Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS and more.


Use Cases
for Contact Center